Targeting the young

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  1. Always my source of your news, Colorado. It’s frightening what the conservative right wing are about – and efficiently about, it seems.
    My fingers are firmly crosses for your wishes – always. We think the same, even though separated by thousands of kilometres and half the world.

  2. Can’t help but wonder if we are at the beginning of a theocracy? Mixing politics and religion of course is nothing new. Medieval churches prospered for years by collecting indulgences and tithes, and then there was the inquisition to keep the criticism down. Those were the days, eh?

    1. Obviously a lot of people are trying to make it a theocracy, or at least move it in that direction. It was reassuring to see states fighting back against the reimposition of religion’s take on life, pregnancy, etc.

      (Hey, tell me who you are so you can stop being a mystery, okay? Use the Contact Form if you wish, and a screen name will work just fine.)

  3. I live in the Cherry Creek school district and I did manage to figure out who the two sleeper MAGA candidates were and I absolutely voted against them. I am happy to report that both of them were not voted in. Yay!

    This is so threatening and upsetting. My next-door neighbors are moving away so that they can get their children into a public school that more closely matches their values and beliefs. They are going to Florida, and I hope that they are happy there. The problem, which you pointed out, is that they want my tax dollars to fund a curtailed education that matches their religious beliefs and world view.

    The candidate for mayor of Aurora led off his official statement about educational priorities with… With out a strong school system we will fail. Kind of a case in point. I didn’t vote for him.

    1. I applaud your neighbors’ determination to do right by their kids, who only get to go around once on K-12 education. I hate to see them trade Colorado for Florida, but I wish them all the best. I don’t care what somebody’s religion is, but it doesn’t belong in public schools that serve everyone.

  4. Marilyn, you do have a kind of rolling next-door-neighbours list, eh ? I recall that dreadful woman who— but never mind. She shall be forgotten. [grin]

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