Utterly tasteless

6 thoughts on “Utterly tasteless”

  1. Some of the GOPsters are foolish enough to think they must emulate the sociopathic tyrant who holds the “base” (perfect word for the deplorables) in thrall.

    It’s amazing how far down trump has dragged the party of Lincoln. Republican CINOs, (yup, conservative in name only) wish to CONSERVE nothing, only to bring, in the name of jeebus, utter chaos and destruction, to allow their dark financiers to complete the looting of the nation.

    1. David, so nice to see you again! CINO, eh? You’ve taught me a new word. It’s all pretty horrifying to see how the ex-pres has brought out the worst in people. He’s encouraged and empowered the most egregious behavior… but I suppose that’s what got him elected in the first place.

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