What, me worry?

3 thoughts on “What, me worry?”

  1. I believe this is called ‘telling it like it is’.
    So many reasons to worry about the USA. So many anti-establishment attitudes. So many disaffected people. So many guns.
    So much climate change !!
    Same down here, but not in anything like the numbers, of course.
    Globalization – that’s my villain.

    1. I try to be optimistic, or maybe oblivious, but it’s hard. Maybe good ol’ Joe will get re-elected and competently serve another four years. Maybe the Dems will retain control of the Senate and even retake the House. Maybe the Justices who’ve misbehaved will get kicked off the court and Biden will name some new ones. Maybe all the states will legalize a woman’s right to choose. Maybe Trump will get convicted and go to prison for a number of years.

      And maybe pigs will fly.

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