I wonder

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  1. I wonder about the same things. My mother, who always dressed up when she went out, even to the supermarket, would have been horrified by how sloppily people dress now–wearing flip-flops on planes, etc. Like you, I wish I had asked more questions, although they weren’t the type of people to express their feelings.

    1. Sounds like my mom. Always the lady. Like your parents, mine didn’t talk about the more personal aspects of aging, and for me to ask would have been nosey and inappropriate. But then, when I was much younger, I wasn’t seeking advice about my own aging.

    2. It wasn’t that long ago. In 1984, I moved from the Northeast to North Carolina. On Saturday morning, I put on jeans (clean), a tee shirt (also clean) and combed my hair to go do my grocery shopping. When I entered the store, I realized… “uh oh… different culture”. The women I saw were dressed up wearing stockings, high heels, dresses and makeup! Culture shock.

      Today everybody wears jeans… I was ahead of the times.

  2. You’re a thinker, Colorado – I believe I’ve made that trite remark before.
    But in this world that we’ve made – this terrible but still somehow wonderful existence we’ve forged for ourselves – there is not a preponderance of thinkers. If there were, it would be a different place.
    I had been sent away from home before my parents were on the ageing footpath (too disturbing an influence; always fighting with my revered mama) in order that my papa could struggle through his cardiac problems with one less irritant. I knew so little of them and their thinking ..
    I like very much to learn of others’ mindworks: we should exchange ’em much, much more.
    You’re a good woman.

    1. Aha! So I’ve fooled you into thinking I’m a worthwhile human being! Well, stick around, mate. I’ll have to disabuse you of that. Eventually. Maybe.

      Yep, there’s a lot we could learn from our parents. But that’s a lesson we often learn too late.

  3. Now in the middle of my ninth decade I too am increasingly aware of changes in body and mind. I threw my back out about a month ago and was convinced I would live with constant pain the rest of my life. It slowly got better. Last week, my right eye got hazy with a bright spot that appeared often. I wondered if I’d been hit with a laser or maybe had a retinal tear. Optician said it was a not-uncommon fluctuation in the density of the vitreous humor and that 97% of these resolve within a month.

    When famous ballplayer Satchel Page was asked to what he owed his health and longevity, he said he never looked back because “something might be gaining on me.”

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