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Category: Personal

Time is a thief

For the last year I’ve been telling myself that I’m lucky compared to so many other people. There’s been no cruel Covid death in the family. No overwhelming loneliness because […]

Love in the time of pandemic

I’m a hermit by trade. A loner. And I’m perfectly happy home alone most of the time. Until I was told I HAD to stay home. Now I fret constantly. […]

Oh goodie, spring has sprung

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the snowflakes is. I’ve been hoping our unusually mild weather is a “fool’s spring,” but the 10-day forecast doesn’t support […]

Brian Smith, R.I.P.

A long-time blogging friend to many of us, Australian Brian Smith aka LordBeariofBow aka ElBoB, passed away Tuesday, Sept. 24. His daughter posted the following on his blog last night: […]

A cat tale

You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. But I have reasons, or excuses, depending on how you feel about cats. Mousse, my beloved kitty for 16 years, […]

I am from … a while ago

Several recent conversations brought to mind this item I first published in 2009. I probably should have mentioned in the first few paragraphs that all this took place in Oklahoma […]

An introvert and shy

 “I want to be alone … with someone else who wants to be alone.”   I was an introvert before author Susan Cain was a gleam in her daddy’s eye. […]