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Rather than continuing to struggle with what to say, I’m just going to post what I sent to Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue (the organization from which I adopted Annie) for their Memorial page:

Annie  — 2021-09-20

Annie (GRFR Sunny 111-09) was brought to me at a GRFR adoption event during a snowstorm in April 2009 — all the way from east Kansas (thanks again, GRFR!). She was half Golden, half Lab, and the best of both. Gentle, loving, and scary smart, she played me like a fiddle. Seriously. And I loved every minute of it. She brought me toys when she wanted to play, took her “babies” outside or went out and got them whenever she thought they needed attention. She followed me from room to room, except when I went to the kitchen where I might be making LOUD noises; at those times she retreated to the hall but watched me from around the corner. She even waited patiently whenever the cat sampled her dinner. I called our walks “walk n’ sniffs” — the walking for me, the sniffing stops for her. Her separation anxiety was no problem since I’m retired and home all the time anyway. Her favorite spot was under the tv, I think because she could watch me from there and because the speakers helped drown out loud noises.

In brief, she thought I hung the moon but I knew she did. 

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  1. Hung the moon and was one of the brightest stars.
    You two always in tune with each other – a melody that will play forever in memory and heart strings
    RC Cat, Molly Malamute, and Staff offer what peace and comfort they can.

  2. I’m so sorry. I had to say goodbye to my Special Guy, Dork ( a few month ago. Rescued him and his mother back in November 2007 – he was about 6 months old. Him mom died in 2015 – that, too, tore me up as we bonded like I never imagined a human and dog could bond. Anyway, Hemangiosarcoma ( took him from me. Still very hard for me to talk about.

    1. Oh I do understand. It took me five weeks to say anything about losing Annie, and I still cry when I think about her. Some kind of liver problem common in Labs.

      I’m so sorry to hear about Dork. I remember your writing about him (who could forget that name?) and lethal whites. It’s amazing and very special, isn’t it, to have a dog who knows what you’re thinking, who knows what you’re going to do almost before you do. Bless ’em all and the joy they brought us.

      1. I have a dog now that I’m even more attached to than Dork and his Mama (if that’s even possible). She is like an extension of me. She’s 6 or 7 now – I’ll have to look that up. I helped whelp her so literally have had her her entire life. She’s a Parvo survivor, actually. She was one of my housemate’s litters born 6 or 7 years ago. She went to Colorado – not knowing that the entire litter had caught Parvo somehow right before they all went to their new homes (they were 8 weeks old). Her symptoms showed right after she arrived at her new home so right to the vet she went. She was in the vet for 2 weeks, attached to an IV the entire time. When she finally went “home”, she was very weak and couldn’t stand for very long. Turned out something happened while there and her back hips are “wrong” – not dysplasia. She’s kinda knock-kneed and always look like she’s getting ready to squat to poop. She can’t run right – she hops. But her new “owners” no longer wanted her because she couldn’t join them for long hikes so they sent her back. Lyn was just about to send her to a new home (she’d been back a couple weeks by now) and I told her no. That she already had a new home – with me. I was working from home and Lyn was gone all day at her dog-grooming shop, so while nursing her back to health, I fell in love. So here she still is. And we are the best-est of buds ever! After loosing Dork, just the thought of being without her destroys me. I ended up naming her “Cassidy” which is short for “Hop-a-long Cassidy” since she hops instead of runs. Her nickname is “Bug” though. She comes to either name. She reads my mind, though.

        1. I developed a huge crush on mind-reading dogs. One in particular, of course. I’m so glad you and Cassidy found each other. Sounds like it was meant to be. Perfect name! In fact, now I’m thinking it’s a lot better name for her than it was for a rootin’ tootin’ tv cowboy. What kind of cowboy is named Hopalong? I watched the show; I should remember the story. But I don’t. I do recall somebody on the show calling him “Hoppy.” Good grief, it’s been decades since I thought about him.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes… sending love and sympathy to you during this trying time. I’m still working my way through the painful loss of my sweet irreplaceable Sissy… time eases the sadness, but it still hits me like a jolt every now and then. Your tribute to your sweet Annie is beautiful and touching. I thought about doing one, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps someday I’ll manage to pull up a collection of favorite photos and memories….
    Just know my heart goes out to you! With love! 💕🤗

    1. Oh, thank you. I was only able to do this because five weeks had passed and because I really, really wanted to notify the wonderful group that found her for me. And I’m starting to tear up again seeing the pictures …

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