Purple shirts

I have a purple polo shirt. Several, actually. I like polo shirts, and I like purple. But one of these shirts has, over time, acquired a special distinction.

You see, sometime in the last few years, I realized something about that particular shirt. Just because it made me feel good, I had worn it to my most recent doctor appointments. And each time I came away with good reports. No issues, all’s well, carry on, etc. So I began to make it a practice to wear that particular shirt to doctor appointments. No big deal. Just a lucky charm of sorts.

Now, does doing that mean I’m superstitious? I don’t think so. It’s just a silly little thing I do. I have to wear a shirt anyway, so why not that shirt? Do I think it will actually make a difference? That wearing it will guarantee a positive outcome? Nah. Of course not. It’s just a shirt. But it seems like it’s been kind of lucky in the past, so why not?

Then today, out of nowhere, an idea began to form. Religion is kind of like that shirt. People put it on because they want to boost their chance of having a good outcome. They like wearing it. Wearing it makes them feel good. Some of them don’t really believe it will make a difference, but why take a chance? Can’t hurt, might help. Is wearing that shirt belief or superstition? Is religion belief or superstition? (Me, I’m a nonbeliever.)

Who’s to say? Lots of people wear purple shirts. For lots of different reasons. Do the shirts make any difference? Maybe. Maybe not.

A shirt is just a shirt. No more, no less. Make of that what you will.

Purple shirts. Go figure.

7 thoughts on “Purple shirts

  1. I don’t actually KNOW where you stand, but I do know it because we’re of one mind, nearly always, Colorado. Your sudden realization is like mine when reading Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” trilogy; and anyone who’s looking for a really sound analogy— no, wrong word: looking for an example of organized religion’s development ought read these genuine ‘science fiction’ novels.
    Meanwhile, I’m shopping for a purple shirt .. [grin]

    1. The link will take you to a carefully considered discussion of my views on religion. My realization was the shirt/religion analogy — new to me but probably not very original. Haven’t read any Asimov. Reading so much for work kind of killed it for me as a pleasant pastime. And you’ll look great in that purple shirt. Purple always looks great with white/gray/silver hair. Sadly, my salt-and-pepper hair is graying so slowly it may be gone before it gets gray.

      1. It’s very strange, but I’m having enormous problems with your site, Colorado ! 🙁 I’ve had to re-sign to get in, and now I cannot do so – am getting to your comment only. This I find VERY troubling: I do not want to become unable to reach Pied Type !!!

        1. Strange. I don’t think anyone else has reported being able to get to the comments but not to the posts. 🤔 Are you trying to log in from a phone? A computer? A tablet? WP will probably want to know if I put them on the case.

          Oh, when you had to relog to get in, were you on a different device than the one you signed in with originally?

          1. Nah: I use my phone only for calls and texts, and it’s my laptop that accesses the Internet. But now all is well, so whatever was your fix, it WORKED ! You are an impressive poisson, my dear !!! 😀

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