Horror and headlines

Were you aware that last Friday, June 2, was National Gun Violence Awareness Day? Or that the entire weekend was Wear Orange Weekend? Or that the entire month of June is Gun Violence Awareness Month?

The designated day, the first Friday in June, was established June 2, 2015!

How have I only just learned of this today? How is that possible? I have raved so much and so often about guns and gun violence and mass shootings and all the horror and headlines that accompany them … I’m afraid maybe I just got tired of repeating myself, tired of no change, of no progress, of school lockdowns and active shooter drills, of weeping over someone else’s tragedy. It is, of course, a national tragedy. A terrible, bloody black mark on our nation.

But maybe I’m not entirely to blame. Maybe all that “orange” information couldn’t get through to me because the headlines — national and local — were already overflowing with news of more gun violence, more killings, more mass shootings.

And while I was writing, yet another mass shooting was reported.

7 thoughts on “Horror and headlines

  1. Of course I don’t really “like” it at all, Colorado – but I like your thinking. This kind of sums up what the GOP has become, I believe. There’ll be some Dems who interpret the 2nd Amendment the same way as the mad people do; but they can be largely overlooked .. But back to your question: you’ve missed it because your press don’t want to push it hard. Now, if it were National Tree Week, or National Rainbow Week, or National Kitten Week ..

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