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Category: Personal

Ah, typewriters

  Anyone my age, and certainly any former editor/writer my age, will recall some years spent pounding the keys of a manual typewriter. Mine was a Royal portable, and it […]

More on ice chips and horses

An addendum/correction to my earlier post about ice deliveries in the 1940s: I got a note from my older brother last night regarding my recollections about ice deliveries, ice chips, […]

When iceboxes were cool

Before electric refrigerators were introduced, Americans used iceboxes. Those of you more than a few years younger than I probably never had one and frankly, I don’t particularly remember the one my […]

Day trip to Trail Ridge Road

A week ago I checked the webcam at the Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road and discovered the camera had been moved, as seen above. The shot below is […]

Driving habits of a 71-year-old

I won’t for a second assume that anyone drives the way I do — but in some cases, maybe they should. I’ve not been driving for 71 years, of course. […]

Share the ‘Joy’

According to the YouTube notes, “Joy” is one of the best instrumentals of all time, and I agree. (I owned all the instrumentals.) It’s from the British studio group Apollo […]

Daddy was a Disney star

Even people my age cannot recount the earliest days of Walt Disney’s remarkable career. At best, we remember his animated hits of the 1940s and ’50s. Films like Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940), […]