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Category: Personal

A bit of Flatiron history

Some readers might recognize these rock formations as The Flatirons, a Boulder, Colorado, landmark. Symbol of the city, they rise from the foothills just southwest of town and are visible […]

Pied Type too

Just a note to let those interested know I’ve started a second blog, Cancer: Curves Ahead, to use for follow-ups to my post “A is for anxiety, C is for […]

A is for anxiety, C is for cancer

It’s now the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. Not to mention most of the time in between. Cancer. You see, a […]

Ah, typewriters

  Anyone my age, and certainly any former editor/writer my age, will recall some years spent pounding the keys of a manual typewriter. Mine was a Royal portable, and it […]

More on ice chips and horses

An addendum/correction to my earlier post about ice deliveries in the 1940s: I got a note from my older brother last night regarding my recollections about ice deliveries, ice chips, […]

When iceboxes were cool

Before electric refrigerators were introduced, Americans used iceboxes. Those of you more than a few years younger than I probably never had one and frankly, I don’t particularly remember the one my […]

Day trip to Trail Ridge Road

A week ago I checked the webcam at the Alpine Visitor Center on Trail Ridge Road and discovered the camera had been moved, as seen above. The shot below is […]