Generations: Yours, mine, and theirs

Today, on her blog Time Goes By, Ronni Bennett talks about how the media address different generations differently. Specifically, she refers to New York Times articles about Boomers being “upbeat, optimistic and cheerful,” while the only articles for those older than Boomers… Read More ›

Losing a loved one

I stumbled onto a wonderful, wise website last night,, and in particular, their articles on dealing with death, what to expect when someone is dying, what to do and not do, what to say, etc. It’s not something any… Read More ›

Beetle fences

You may know them as snow, sand, or drift fences. They come in various forms, usually either wooden slats wired side-by-side, or perforated orange plastic sheeting strung on stakes. They may be solidly planted, permanent fences or rickety, temporary-looking installations…. Read More ›