The clowns abide

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  1. I can only reiterate how strongly I feel that voter irresponsibility leads to this kind of horrible mess. And by that I mean there are people who vote for these pigs – who have long since shown what kind of scum they are – and there are people who don’t vote at all ..

      1. But they are not without recourse. They could call or write their elected representatives and give ’em hell, threaten not to vote for them again, threaten a recall vote, etc. And of course, not vote for a clown in the next election. But all that would require a certain level of awareness and concern …

  2. You’re not really surprised about how the GOP has devolved are you. You watched back bencher Gingrich bomb throw his way to being Speaker. And watched Tom Delay parlay K Street into a GOP retreat.

    And Speaker John Boehner feared his republican caucus to the point that he couldn’t even utter the word compromise in a Leslie Stall interview. The GOP has been running Speakers out of the Beltway for decades.

    Yep, the GOP has for years has known that demographics are against them. Even if most voters liked their policies, and most don’t , the demographics of the country have damned them to be nothing more than a circus of kakistocracy.

    Remember how former House Majority Leader Dick Armey just flat out astro-turfed the arguably grass roots Tea-Party for bucks, yucks, and the suck of anti-Obama flat out racism. Which lead to Birtherism , which led to Trump, and he and Palin sharing a pizza in NYC and both chowing down on a thin slice using a knife and fork.

    How damn un-American is that. Nice post….nice lady.

    1. Which came first … the voting clowns or the elected clowns? Whichever, they’re all now circling the drain and sucking the nation down with them.

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