Eclipse: Close but no cigar

6 thoughts on “Eclipse: Close but no cigar”

  1. NASA. had some kinda live stream concerning this today…but what to they know. And I agree with MR above…“A mere celestial event,” is super syntactical.

  2. Syntactical or not, I took some mere celestial photos today of the event down here in Phoenix (actually just east of it) and had fun doing it. It was the first time in 40+ years of photography that I had the right equipment and was organized enough to take a series of photos essentially from beginning to end of the whole, partial event. I did notice a dimming of the sun at maximum, though it looked like what I would see with medium to lightly tinted sunglasses! Still kinda strange though — bright, but not bright. Like lightly overcast but with distinct shadows and no haze.

    1. I continue to be amazed by how much light we get, even with the sun 90% obscured. It must have been exciting not only to see the event but to get your own photos of it. Not to mention the fun of being part of the crowd, er, audience that was watching.

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