Friedman tells it like it is — again

7 thoughts on “Friedman tells it like it is — again”

  1. If only all the journos could write like this, Colorado .. Can you imagine what the world could be like if they all wrote utilising
    correct information
    genuine opinion
    credible facts
    accurate forecasts
    etc.,etc. ?
    No, you can’t. Nor me, mate – nor me.

    1. It’s a lesson in how to write well and logically, about something complex and critically important. And it’s equally important that people read it and take heed.

    2. Friedman has always been wrong about Israel. You have to be lost to think Palestinians want a state. They want seven million dead Jews-the same thing Hamas wants.

      Friedman plays you democrats so easily.

  2. Friedman of course is right. Emotion is what powers wars, always has. The sinking of battleship Maine in the Spanish American war, Pearl Harbor, the “domino effect” spiked fear that led to the Vietnam war. It is so much easier to start wars than to end them.

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      Yes, even I can see that the Middle East is a huge pile of firewood needing just one more spark …

    1. I regret that I’m almost out of non-paywall gift links (I hope it’s a monthly allotment) from NY Times. Friedman’s columns are coming faster than I can keep up with them and I’m trying to share the best of them.

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