Knock it off, Washington

Knock it off, Washington. Grow up.

Instead of acting like a bunch of children fighting in the schoolyard, suck it up, act like adults, and do what needs to be done for the good of the country — pass a budget bill so the government won’t be shut down. Again

Consider the people, your constituents, who will be adversely affected by a shutdown. You’re playing chicken with their lives. Your job is to keep the government running — its credit and reputation intact, its offices open, its services available, its paychecks issued, its debts paid — by passing a budget bill. You were elected because the voters thought you were adult enough handle the job responsibly. Shutting the government down to score political points for yourself and your party is a childish, willful tactic. It’s irresponsible. It’s blackmail on a massive scale, and the American people, not your legislation, are the hostages.

Take your partisan squabbles out to the alley where they belong and leave governance to the adults — if there are any.

28 thoughts on “Knock it off, Washington

  1. Well said PT. What really gets me is that the things they’re threatening to NOT pay for are things they themselves (meaning Congress and the President) voted to generate bills for in the first place! 😡

    1. Oh, I know. That’s called reneging. Or welshing. Or not keeping one’s word. Or breaking a promise. Or not honoring a contract. Take your pick. Even children understand about breaking promises. Usually.

        1. Well of course they wouldn’t delay any of their own benefits. … gasp!… They wouldn’t delay their own paychecks or furlough their own jobs or close their own offices.

      1. Really. Oh, but they are so protected with all their lifelong perks from us little people…the ones who voted them in.
        Term limits petition time?
        So annoyed and frustrated there’s no way to reach out and touch them – emails/text/website/phones all ignored

        1. I thought for years that term limits would go a long way toward fixing the problem.

          It’s been my understanding that no matter how we try to contact them, all they (eg, their staffs) do is log/count the positive and negative comments on each issue. Any responses are computer-generated, based on the topic mentioned.

          1. Ron Paul was the ONLY elected official who actually called me back/emailed and discussed the issue – others only sent form letters usually on a totally different topic. I still call and email.
            What all of this ignoring people is doing is making me think we need to go beyond term limits and go back to small regional/state governments where you can easily show up in front of them and confront them face to face.
            Elected officials are way too isolated.
            Both parties are acting and posturing. Their only concern is power and staying in their offices.
            All I can say at this point is the only thing people listen to is cutting off the money.
            No parties/dinners/travels/flights/special health care plans/transport for pets/or showy awards news spots – we are tired of your pretend wringing of hands and scoffing/derision –
            Shut it all down: parks and all. Go to your rooms until a budget is done….just like ordinary people have to do.
            Face the anger you dallying foolish arrogant elected officials caused and deserve.
            It’s been done before, and the country survived.
            Now must go pet kittens or something soothing….

          2. “Both parties are acting and posturing. Their only concern is power and staying in their offices.” Yep.

            My only immediate concern about the parks being shut down is how badly Estes Park needs Rocky Mountain right now. Shutting RMNP would be a terrible blow when they are already struggling to come back from the flood.

          3. Estes Park does need tourists.State needs time and space to work.State Park lands would still be operational like the ones here.
            Any shut down wouldn’t last long.
            But look at this this way – no guns can be legally bought since the background check would be closed. Close down a bunch of gun shows.(Bet some will howl over that. )

          4. Even a short shutdown will hurt. This is peak foliage season. Tourists are finding their way back to Estes and RMNP. Close the park and most of that business goes away overnight. I’m still debating whether to make a run up there this week, but for sure I won’t go if I can’t get into the park.

            As for the guns — although they are now legal in the park, the park doesn’t check for guns (I’ve never seen it at the entrances). Of course, if the public isn’t allowed in, gun owners would be excluded. That would suit me just fine. Guns have no business being in a national park.

          5. ????
            Unclear about your comments on the gun thing in the parks (not the best idea – not happy when that went through)
            Just thought it would be funny when people realize gun purchases will have to be on hold if the gov. shuts down.
            There’s lots of places to see/ hike not actually in the RMNP (Boulder area is also up and running for tourists) – don’t miss the trees. Aspens are just too gorgeous – really sad that we had to cut our trip short. Hope you can take some pix when you go

          6. My mistake. I thought you were saying the parks did background checks or something. Yes, maybe someone should remind the GOP that their gun purchases might be delayed if they shut down the govt.

            I’ve been hoping to take a few tourist dollars up to Estes, where they are needed, and do some leaf peeping along the way. But I dread putting in a long day and then having a 2.5 hour drive home. Just not sure I can do it. Boulder doesn’t need those dollars (and doesn’t have the aspen). Plus a lot of those lovely trails around Boulder were badly washed out and are still closed.

          7. 2.5 hrs is a long drive just for a hamburger and window shop – Still it might be interesting to see how things are going…and if the elk/deer are taking over.
            We were surprised how many cars were on the road and bikes on the trails. They said Peak to Peak was about to open – that used to be a pretty tree drive. Know there’s a bunch on the way to Vail – but the traffic!

          8. Year to year the best foliage I’ve seen between here and Estes is along the Peak-to-Peak between Nederland and Ward. But Estes itself and the park are the big draw for me. I could get up there just fine, and have a great time while there. But 2.5 hours of driving to get home is about an hour more than I’ve got in me at the end of the day.

          9. Thx for the tip. I watched. Estes and RMNP — so much more spectacular! (Yes, I’m biased.) All that bugling really makes me want to go … if the park stays open.

  2. Somehow, I can’t help thinking that if the law stated that if and when the government shuts down, all members of the representative branches will be immediately fired and re-elections begin immediately – then I think they would have come to a solution. There’s just no threat to them.

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