I know this person

Sunset today in Glacier Basin, Rocky Mountain National Park, with the Continental Divide on the horizon.

20 thoughts on “I know this person

  1. Not a bad view, Colorado: Charlie doesn’t seem very impressed but.
    In truth, the more I look at it, the more I can understand your pride in your (now) State. 🙂

    1. I have done this so many times, in so many different places up here. It’s even better when clouds are playing on the peaks. Whoever this is, I felt an immediate kinship.

      1. Don’t feel bad. Australia is unique and fascinating. I’ve always wanted to visit. Once even halfway considered moving there.

    1. The most amazing part is the solitude. This parking lot is usually pretty busy during the day. And in the distance, on the left, you can see the campground that’s there.

  2. With the constant lines, it surprises me this person found this bit of solitude to soak in the beauty. (For an instant, thought you had caught me on camera– then remembered i was in the kiosk all day yesterday) Neat capture on the first sunny day in ages!

    1. I was really amazed to see this person alone in an area that’s normally so busy. But s/he is obviously more aware and appreciative than the people over at that campground. THIS is what the park is all about, IMHO.

      1. Yes, definitely. That is Glacier Basin CG in that left corner. With Moraine Park CG closed this year for repairs and some needed modernization, Glacier Basin is extra busy. Even after most all the mature trees were lost to beetle kill, the campers simply flock there

    1. Aha, a new definition for “soul food”! I’d never thought of that. The mountains here have indeed always been soul food for me. Thank you! You just made my day. 🙂

  3. Reminds me of the first ever time I saw the divide and the first time I crossed it. What an amazingly beautiful world you inhabit. Fantastic photo.

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