Denver braces for Xylia

For 10 days or so, the biggest story in Denver has been the incoming winter storm, now named Xylia. It’s been pretty crazy. I’ve been up to the pharmacy twice […]

Getting kids to read

In my experience (speaking as a former kid), one of the best ways to get kids to read is to tell them the book has been banned. Or, now that […]

A timely illustration

This cartoon hits too close to home to be funny. You see, my granddaughter’s birthday was February 23. That same week she was accepted to the Denver School of the […]

Snow, glorious snow

I can call it glorious because I don’t have to go to work in it, or drive home in it. I don’t have to get kids to school in it. […]

Whew, that was close

By now you’ve probably heard about the United Airlines plane that suffered an engine failure over Broomfield, Colo., yesterday afternoon and dropped debris on the city. Not long after that […]

Perseverance lands safely on Mars

Our newest Mars rover Perseverance has landed safely on the surface of the planet and almost immediately sent back this photo. Way to go, Percy! There were a few tears […]

Alarming NYT photo from Texas

The New York Times “Evening Briefing” last night featured this photo with a story about the ongoing winter weather disaster in Texas. I hope desperately that it was staged, because […]