President Ulysses S. Grant was prescient

No doubt there are numerous great quotations from throughout history that I’ve not seen before, but I continue to be surprised by the prescience of Americans almost 150 years ago. […]

The great mask muddle

The CDC has said that those of us fully vaccinated can, in most situations, stop wearing masks. And so the mask burnings have begun. People everywhere are gleefully abandoning their […]

Mea culpa, readers

I’ve been playing with this blog behind the scenes (or I hope it was behind the scenes) and somehow deleted the comments on my previous post about the bear cub. […]

Happy ending for injured bear cub

The video tells the whole story. A black bear cub was orphaned and injured in Colorado’s Cameron Peak fire last year. He was found by wildlife officials, who treated his […]

Israel destroys AP headquarters in Gaza

There’s a lot to be said about the current Israeli shelling of Gaza, and I’ve said most of it before. To avoid repeating everything, I’ll just refer you to previous […]

Cat survives jump from 5th floor

The Chicago Fire Department captured this video of a black cat jumping from a fifth-story window to escape a fire two days ago. The cat narrowly missed a wall on […]

Once a mother, always a mother

This video was posted May 8, the day before Mother’s Day. At least one of these mothers will never forget the experience. (Recorded by Michael Austin at Franklin Park Zoo […]