Pikes Peak summit cams are up again

Just a note to those of you who follow “my” webcams: The eight Pikes Peak summit cams are operational again. As you can see, construction, or maybe just clean-up, continues […]

Estes Park: When hell came calling

Few Colorado residents will forget last October when the East Troublesome fire raced east past Granby and Grand Lake and into the mountains. Under cover of darkness and against all […]

The insanity continues

Update, June 23: Police identified the slain good Samaritan as John Hurley, 40, of Golden, Colo. Hurley was in a local store when he heard shots, drew his own weapon, […]

The size of a hummingbird

Back in the spring of 2013 I was an avid online hummingbird watcher. A man in Southern California had a live streaming webcam focused on a hummingbird nest, and hundreds […]

Doggo rescue: So Colorado!

I was browsing the internet this evening and somehow stumbled across this photo. What a picture. “Only in Colorado” was my first thought. Okay, so maybe not only in Colorado, […]