A cat tale, part II

Rowdy at 8 weeks, the day I brought him home.

Some of you may remember that I adopted a kitten last May. He was a wee thing, 8 weeks old and just 2 pounds. I named him Rowdy. Time passed and he grew. Boy, how he grew!

He is one year old today and at last weighing was just a bit over 11 pounds. I know, it’s no big deal, but I wanted to mark the day.

Rowdy today, one year old

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  1. 11 pounds! Yikes! Our Yorky, Winston, weighs in at 7 pounds only! Happy birthday, rowdy!

    • That was several weeks ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s up to 12 now. Hard to get an accurate read while standing on a bathroom scale holding a squirming cat.

      A 7 lb dog? You sure that’s a dog? (I’ll bet he’s adorable, though.) Mine’s about 60 lbs.

  2. I’ve got an 11 pounder kitty – you know when he’s jumped on the bed.

  3. Happy Birthday Rowdy! It is a big deal…and he is. Looks very cuddle…and like he can do a regal thud thud thud stomp down the hall
    Still get a smile with that sweet “baby” picture

  4. Happy birthday to Rowdy! Luke was about that size when he was a year old; heck, he was 9 pounds when I got him at 6-8 months. Give that kitteh skritches from me!

  5. BTW, I regret the quality of the second photo, but it was a very fast zoom-and-shoot situation. Looks like there wasn’t time for perfect focus.

  6. Happy birthday, Rowdy! Handsome guy!

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