Month: October 2012

Boo, humbug

Oops, almost missed my Halloween post. Been too busy hiding from trick-or-treaters. Apparently no one has taught today’s kids that you don’t ring the bell when the porch light isn’t on. But best wishes to all my readers for a… Read More ›

World’s ugliest yacht

Steve Jobs may have designed or commissioned some gorgeous, elegant high tech phones and computers, but I can’t say much for his taste in yachts. Jobs and minimalist designer Philippe Starck designed Jobs’ yacht Venus, which was finally finished and… Read More ›

The October conspiracy

It’s October, and you know what that means. Or you do if you’ve hung around here for a few years. ‘Tis the chirping season, the month when the smoke detectors in my house apparently are required to croak. Said croaking… Read More ›