Month: August 2018

So Colorado: Avalanche rescue dog

(slow-loading video, please be patient:) Meet Tikka, Colorado’s newest avalanche rescue pup-in-training, and her handler, Erich. They are currently based at the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area (aka A-Basin) west of Denver. And yes, she’s a golden retriever. On average, avalanches… Read More ›

Truth isn’t truth

Did you know that truth isn’t truth? Don’t take my word for it. Donald Trump’s lead attorney, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, said so Sunday morning on Meet the Press. “When you tell me that he [Trump] should testify… Read More ›

Space Force? Seriously?

My grasp of reality is sometimes in doubt, but is our president serious about establishing a Space Force? Really? Space Force? Did no one tell him about Reagan’s defunct Star Wars proposal? I laughed when I first heard him announce… Read More ›