Month: May 2009

Sotomayor: Yea or nay?

Pres. Obama’s nominee for the vacant Supreme Court seat is Sonia Sotomayor. Her confirmation hearings could run until August. Based on what you know so far, how would you vote?

Keep singing, Susan

I just read that Susan Boyle lost in the finals of “Britain’s Got Talent.” She was beaten by a dance troupe named “Diversity.” Perhaps it’s just as well. As inspiring as her story has been, and as beautiful as her… Read More ›

Remembering Exodus

Tragic news yesterday as we learned of the terrible accident suffered by Mike Tyson’s four-year-old daughter, Exodus. Placed on life support at the hospital, Exodus died today. It’s not clear how the accident happened. The child somehow strangled in a… Read More ›

Obama punts with Sotomayor?

Some knee-jerk reactions upon hearing that Pres. Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court: You just had to do it, didn’t you? You just had to name Sotomayor because she’s both female and Hispanic. An irresistible two-fer. Of… Read More ›

Way to go, Helio!

I’m not an big auto racing fan, but I happened to turn on the Indianapolis 500 a little while ago, in time to watch Hélio Castroneves finish his last few laps and win this year’s race. It’s his third Indy… Read More ›