By their deeds, we shall know them

3 thoughts on “By their deeds, we shall know them”

  1. Whoever shot him should get the chair. After all, that’s a form of justice idiots like that can understand.
    This is what happens when they spend years condoning violence; bombing clinics; condemning in self-righteous tones; interfering with the private, legal activities of others; lying; and screaming invectives and epithets like “murderer” and “baby killer.” The chair for this guy would be a waste of electricity. Just kick him off the courthouse roof.

  2. You summed it up perfectly: pro-life, my ass . . .
    I’m still shaking my head over this.
    The world as we once knew it is fucked.
    This topic requires every bit of my self-control … my dad was a highly respected ob/gyn and a founder of his regional Planned Parenthood organization back in the day (education, not abortion, was the objective). The idea that anyone would physically attack, much less murder, a physician for taking care of his patients is beyond my comprehension.

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