Month: December 2011

Mapping the census

The New York Times is providing an interesting presentation of recent U.S. census data. The reader can choose “any city, any block” in the country and view a map showing ethnic distributions for the area, represented by colored dots. There… Read More ›

Kids will be kids

There are guns in approximately 40% of U.S. homes. Approximately 34% of American children live in homes with at least one gun. But this week in Colorado, those numbers sound way too low. Two 5-year-olds have died here this week in gun… Read More ›

A Skyrim situation

This blog probably won’t be getting much love this week. In what apparently seems hilarious to the non-family members who hear about it, my son and I gave each other “Skyrim” for Christmas. It’s an Xbox video game. And no,… Read More ›