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Kids will be kids

child with gun

There are guns in approximately 40% of U.S. homes. Approximately 34% of American children live in homes with at least one gun. But this week in Colorado, those numbers sound way too low.

Two 5-year-olds have died here this week in gun accidents. In one case, a 3-year-old shot an older brother. In the other, a little girl was playing with a loaded .45 and fatally shot herself.

These deaths were tragic and needless. They were the result of stupid, irresponsible adults being grossly negligent. In one case, an adult is being charged with felony child abuse, but it’s a little late now.

People whose guns are more important to them than their children’s safety need to have their heads examined. Are your Second Amendment rights more important to you than your kids? If you have children in your house, don’t have guns. Period. If you must own them, store them somewhere off the premises. Put them in the bank or leave them at the gun club or lodge. Anyplace but in your house with your kids.

Children get into things. They are ingenious that way. Put things away, lock them up, hide them — kids will still find them. Warn them to leave things alone and sure enough, those are the things they’ll be curious about. Teach them to be responsible with guns; they’ll still be children — and children are innately irresponsible. And don’t forget peer pressure. “My dad’s got a gun.” “Really? Can I see it?” “Well, I’m not supposed to … ” Maybe your kids will leave your guns alone, but maybe their friends won’t.

Am I being overly emotional about this? You bet I am. Am I enraged? Beyond words. There’s no excuse for accidents like this. None. If there hadn’t been guns in those homes, those two children would be alive today playing with their Christmas presents. So don’t talk to me about your precious “rights.”

Every state and city in the country should have laws making the parents criminally liable for accidental shooting deaths like these. As far as I’m concerned, it should be a crime to have guns in any home where children live.

Kids will be kids. So adults must be adults.

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  1. Izaak indirectly raises a point I have often thought about, i.e. that “freedom” is something of an illusion. One person’s freedom often restricts the rights or freedoms of others, and Susan’s post is just one example. Take motorcycle helmets for example. Many riders demand the freedom of riding without such protection, but when they wind up with serious head injuries it is usually the taxpayers who pick up the bill to keep them on life support and/or pay for their self-imposed disabilities. Seat belts, same thing. Cell phone use by drivers. How about a woman’s freedom of choice to abort a fetus that has zero chance of a normal life?

    Look there, you guys got me going.

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