Kids will be kids

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      1. Have you ever seen the movie Serenity? If you haven’t then I highly recommend it, as to me it’s the ultimate statement about government attempts to “make people better” while only making matters worse. I never miss it when it comes on the tube and I’ve been meaning to do a post on it for some time. Here’s what a couple of others thought about it: Serenity: Love, Belief, and a World Without Sin and A World Without Sin: Short review of Serenity

      2. “Firefly” and Serenity were long gone before I became aware of them. When I came across the movie on TV one afternoon, I watched it because I like Nathan Fillion in “Castle.” I’ll have to pay more attention next time it’s on, because I don’t remember anything about it now.

      3. I’d actually never heard of the TV show until after I saw the movie, but watch it now that it comes on the Science Channel. In fact, they just ran every episode in a Christmas Day marathon! 😀

  1. Izaak indirectly raises a point I have often thought about, i.e. that “freedom” is something of an illusion. One person’s freedom often restricts the rights or freedoms of others, and Susan’s post is just one example. Take motorcycle helmets for example. Many riders demand the freedom of riding without such protection, but when they wind up with serious head injuries it is usually the taxpayers who pick up the bill to keep them on life support and/or pay for their self-imposed disabilities. Seat belts, same thing. Cell phone use by drivers. How about a woman’s freedom of choice to abort a fetus that has zero chance of a normal life?

    Look there, you guys got me going.

      1. Gun education doesn’t help without the ability to exercise mature judgment, which doesn’t come until the brain matures at about age 25.

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