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Category: privacy

Aren’t knives worse than box cutters?

Still scratching my head over the TSA’s decision to allow small knives on planes again. Where’s the logic?  The knives they are going to allow (blades up to 2.36″ long […]

Venn diagram, privacy and the Internet

Sermon 2013: The Internet is not private

An interesting article on Ars Technica yesterday told of a really dumb Internet extortionist who stole compromising photos from some women’s Facebook pages, and then threatened to post them publicly […]

40 years safe and legal

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

From past years on Pied Type: Despite the highly visible, sometimes violent protests, the law still stands. Why? Because it represents the enlightened compassion and understanding of the majority of […]

Stay tuned for new TSA search techniques

CNN anchors are currently discussing the possibility that a woman arrested this morning on a flight diverted to Bangor, Maine, had an explosive device surgically implanted in her body. Reportedly […]

Fareed Zakaria

Perpetual war, perpetual power

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria is one of the few remaining good things about this flailing, failing news network. He is intelligent, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and in every way professional. His commentary on […]

CISPA - Wikipedia blackout

CISPA: Will Obama stop SOPA 2.0?

Today I came across a bit of background on CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, on I really dropped the ball letting something so important get all […]

Contraception experts panel

The religious rape of American women

Catholic men of America — and all conservatives who support them — you’re not going to win this debate. You are not going to deprive American women of the benefits […]