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Category: Internet

Dump Tower is gone

I may be the last to hear it, but apparently a couple of days ago, on Google maps of New York City, Trump Tower appeared as Dump Tower. If you […]

Who do you trust?

Apparently we have a president-elect who likes or even prefers communicating via Twitter to whatever audience frequents and gets its sometimes-fake news from social media. For better or worse (I think worse), they all […]

Pardon my dust

Yes, there are some decorating changes afoot at Pied Type. Some things are a bit out of whack right now, but I’m working on them. It’s been a long time […]

Time flies when you’re having fun

I was greeted this morning with this announcement. Quite a surprise. Just the other day I told someone I’d been on WordPress about 7 years. (And on other platforms for 4 […]

Regarding comments: Please read

Just a note about the Pied Type comments policy. First-time commenters are asked to provide a valid URL or email address. The information will not be shared with anyone. If you’re having trouble commenting, […]

Explore Colorado with Google Trekker cams

Google’s Street View Trekker camera was introduced three years ago, but I didn’t discover it until today in a story about Trekker sites in Colorado. Trekker cams, it seems, let you tour […]

wordpress logo & wrench

WordPress gremlins at work again

I’d like to apologize to my readers who have commented in the last week or two and never got a reply from me. Replies from blog owners are not mandatory […]