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Category: personalities

‘Mad’ Jim Cramer hammered by Stewart

I just watched Jon Stewart skewer CNBC’s Jim “Mad Money” Cramer over his and the network’s reporting of the downturn in American economic markets. Cramer didn’t get to say much […]

Yes, I watch American Idol

Before I watch tonight’s results on “American Idol,” where the first of the final 13 contestants will be voted off, I want to state for the record: My early pick […]

About those octuplets …

Nadya Suleman, the single, unemployed welfare mother of six who recently gave birth to eight more, is sick. There is nothing rational about what she did and I hope she […]

O.J. Simpson finally going to prison

O.J. Simpson was sentenced today to 15 years in Nevada state prison, with a minimum of nine years before he becomes eligible for parole. The sentence came as a result […]

R.I.P. George Carlin

George Carlin was my all-time favorite comic. He tickled my funnybone and delighted my inner word person with questions like: “Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?” […]

Star Search

Been watching “Star Search” on TV. Really got sucked into it the night I saw Tiffany Evans sing. Wow! That little girl knocked my socks off!! I thoroughly expect to […]