Rick Sanchez, CNN, and the puppy video

A few days ago I had CNN on as I was sitting down to dinner. As it happens, Rick Sanchez is on here (Denver) during the 6-7 pm dinner hour. To close out his hour, he ran a video that had gone viral on YouTube. He ran it with no warning about the contents, and it turned out to be a video of a woman in a red sweatshirt very deliberately taking puppies one at a time from a bucket and heaving them into a river to drown. One of them whimpered loudly enough to wake my dog and draw her straight to the TV. I was so upset I almost lost my dinner, but instead burst into tears. A few minutes later I fired off a very angry letter to Sanchez.

Whoever made the decison to air the video, CNN producers or Sanchez, it was in horrible taste. Not that one can often give cable news credit for having good taste. Whoever decided Sanchez was the one to inherit Campbell Brown’s time slot is as big an idiot as Sanchez.

The man is a buffoon. He’s the kind of reporter who thought it would be a cool to have himself filmed while he was being tasered. He’s working hard to become the kind of “reporter” Geraldo Rivera is, whether he realizes it or not. He’s the kind who will stand out in hurricane winds while telling us all not to stand out in hurricane winds. And he’s the kind of reporter who, when he got his own afternoon show on CNN, decided it would be cool to build it around tweets from viewers. Seriously. As if the comments of average Twitter users constitute a national news program.

There is some justice though. I heard this evening on a local news channel that the puppy video was shot in Bosnia and that Bosnian authorities have identified the woman. I hope she’s arrested soon and charged with animal cruelty or worse.

It’s just a damn shame they can’t charge Sanchez and CNN with viewer cruelty.

9 thoughts on “Rick Sanchez, CNN, and the puppy video

    1. And I agree, it is a defect. I would never fully trust anyone with so little regard for animals. If they think so little of animals, you know they’re missing something important as human beings.

  1. I admire your ability to write an article about despicable slime without resorting to profanity. Everyone involved in this sick incident are [expletives deleted]

    1. Believe me, the expletives were flying after that video was foisted on me. Horrible enough that it happened in the first place. Ten times worse that someone would air it on national TV.

  2. Yeah I recall the internet fan boys starting the U.S. hunt for that women. Much like they do for any anonymous animal abuse viral video. Strangely enough they actually get results in most cases, even if it isn’t confined to the states. Really that’s all just a sad pathetic mess no matter whats going on. The good news is most of the countries you see these come out of have good laws in place to punish those responsible.

    Local news here in Colorado has been a big disappointing at best for a long time now. Other than perhaps the interactive weather which until the end of this month has been beyond my Internets ability to display, I get almost nothing out of it. That and I cant hear “2 on the Deuce” and not think about the code monkies skit “Oh dude, I just dropped a deuce in the brownie bowl”.

    The national news is a good day behind things like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. And for purposes of popular culture and anything not shocking or breaking news, even they are late on any number of news stories. Really I check out most online news sources and blogs, so the news soon will be something I no longer watch but once in a blue moon (more or less when I get awesome internet at the end of the month).

    1. It’s amazing to me that authorities can locate and identify individuals based just on an anonymous YouTube video. But in cases like this, I’m certainly glad they can.

      1. Well it was posted on the web, so chances are they were able to obtain through some means the IP address, then you have a decent idea of the area. From there you can start to narrow it down pretty quickly. That assumes she didnt post it herself. If she or who ever taped it did, then it ended at looking up the IP.

  3. My 3 kids, 11 years old, 8 and 7, all saw about 15 seconds of the video, because i could not find the remote to change the channel. I had to run over and hit the power button on the TV set. All 3 were crying and distressed for over an hour. There was no warning as to violent content. This was 5:55PM PST.

    ** Dear Mr. Rick Sanchez, it would be a pleasure to see you in person somewhere. I’m happy to wait for that moment when you might be alone for even just a second or two . . . .

    1. Yep, that’s when I saw it (6:55 pm here). With no warning at all. As much as it upset me, I can’t imagine how it must have affected your kids. That’s just terrible. I hope you wrote to CNN and expressed your outrage. Sanchez is a stupid, insensitive idiot who should never have been given his own show.

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