Bye bye, Balloon Boy

Richard Heene, instigator and chief architect of Colorado’s infamous Balloon Boy saga last year, has moved to Bradenton, Fla. He and his wife Mayumi are still on probation for their little publicity stunt and will complete their probation in Florida.

Heene and son Falcon

By court order, the Heenes will not be allowed to profit from their shenanigans (with books, TV appearances, etc.) for several more years. Let’s all hope that by then no one will remember or care about what they did and they will have faded into complete obscurity, where they should have been all along.

Bye bye, Balloon Boy. Good riddance. And look out, Florida.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye, Balloon Boy

  1. From the makers of Colorado’s balloon boy comes…… Hurricane Boy……..

    Im really not that sad to see them go either. But I will admit, the backfire from that was pretty entertaining for a couple weeks.

    1. ROFL. Hurricane Boy … stay tuned.

      It was mildly amusing … after I got over the horror of watching that balloon on live TV for more than an hour, thinking there was a little boy in it, and then, that he’d fallen from a great height.

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