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Category: CNN

The Sixties

It’s late to mention something that started on May 29, but CNN’s original series “The Sixties” is wonderful television. Whether it’s because I was there and old enough to be […]

They wanted to change their world

Seeking the latest news on the Russian invasion of Ukraine this evening, I came across a CNN opinion piece entitled “What the West owes Ukraine.” Yes, I thought. What do […]

Offending the uninvited

We’ve taken political correctness to ridiculous extremes in this country, and I’ve ranted about it before. These days you can scarcely say or do anything without offending someone. It just […]

Anderson Cooper rips Pat Robertson

Anderson Cooper went after Pat Robertson on his AC360 Ridiculist Wednesday night, and it was a thing of beauty. Robertson is a pathetic, hateful old man who deserves all the ridicule […]

Have you met Perfect Polly?

Had this commercial aired during Saturday Night Live, I’d have thought it was part of the show. But it aired this afternoon on CNN. I’d have thought it was a […]

EF4 or EF5 tornado hits Moore, Okla.

Just turned on CNN for the first time today, looking for reports on yesterday’s tornado damage around Oklahoma City. I was met with live coverage of damage, but it was […]

Tornadoes, technology, and hometowns

I moved away from Oklahoma City and Tornado Alley in 2005, but some days it seems like I’m still there. This afternoon I turned on CNN and was greeted with […]

CNN rapidly becoming laughing stock

It would be laughable it if hadn’t been one of America’s most well-known news outlets. So I suppose that just makes it pitiful. No, scratch that; it really is laughable. […]

Flash: CNN has free online games

Were you aware that CNN now offers free online games? Games. On CNN. Yes, that CNN. I stumbled across them yesterday and was and am totally perplexed. A cable news channel […]

Media errors in Boston irresponsible

You’d think with a story as important as the Boston bombing, the media would be more careful about what they report. CNN must have been talking for two hours about […]

CNN stuck in story-of-the-day mode

Yesterday the only story CNN seemed willing to report was Christopher Dorner. In keeping with their one-story-per-day habit, today they are fixated on watching the powerless Carnival Triumph being towed […]