The Sixties

It’s late to mention something that started on May 29, but CNN’s original series “The Sixties” is wonderful television. Whether it’s because I was there and old enough to be in the middle of it all, or because the perspective of fifty years now makes it fascinating, I’ve been enthralled. I graduated from high school … Continue reading The Sixties

Flash: CNN has free online games


Were you aware that CNN now offers free online games? Games. On CNN. Yes, that CNN. I stumbled across them yesterday and was and am totally perplexed. A cable news channel is now hosting free online games. What’s up with that? Maybe this is just Jeff Zucker’s latest brain fart for how to save CNN. Kind of like how he saved NBC? Yeah, good luck with that. … Comments »

Media errors in Boston irresponsible

You’d think with a story as important as the Boston bombing, the media would be more careful about what they report. CNN must have been talking for two hours about a suspect having been identified from surveillance video and arrested. And then suddenly there they were retracting those reports. Official sources said there had been no arrest. So what sources was CNN using when they reported the arrest? I switched over to MSNBC and they were also walking back the arrest report. This is what happens when media are more concerned about being first than about being accurate. Even with a story that could be a matter of national security. Reprehensible. … Comments »

CNN stuck in story-of-the-day mode

Yesterday the only story CNN seemed willing to report was Christopher Dorner. In keeping with their one-story-per-day habit, today they are fixated on watching the powerless Carnival Triumph being towed into port. Lord help us! It won’t reach the dock until late tonight. The rest of the world will just have to wait. … Comments »