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Category: CNN

Media errors in Boston irresponsible

You’d think with a story as important as the Boston bombing, the media would be more careful about what they report. CNN must have been talking for two hours about […]

CNN stuck in story-of-the-day mode

Yesterday the only story CNN seemed willing to report was Christopher Dorner. In keeping with their one-story-per-day habit, today they are fixated on watching the powerless Carnival Triumph being towed […]

Fareed Zakaria

Zakaria cleared; returns to CNN this month

It’s only right that, having reluctantly joined the ranks of those who thought Fareed Zakaria might actually be a plagiarist, I now join the ranks of those who accept Time‘s and CNN’s conclusion […]

Jack Cafferty

Cafferty, guns, and the campaign

Jack Cafferty just read my comment on CNN. It was in response to his commentary and question: In light of the Colorado shootings, what kind of role should gun control […]

Whatever Sarah wants, Sarah (still) gets

I was enjoying my morning coffee, still in that comfy half-awake, pre-caffeinated state, easing into my day, sort of watching CNN because it’s a totally passive endeavor. And suddenly there […]

Hurricane Irene

Thoughts on Irene

I’ve had the TV on all day, tuned to CNN, watching the news and worrying about everyone on the East Coast. Specifically, I worry about those few individuals I know […]