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Category: CNN

Zakaria is right about the debt ceiling

This morning on his “Global Public Square” program, Fareed Zakaria zeroed in on the debt ceiling debate. And he nailed it. If only Washington would listen to him! You can […]

Methinks Weiner doth protest too much

Since last weekend, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has been denying that a lewd photo sent from his Twitter account came from him. Not just a simple, unequivocal, “I did not […]

Those intrepid reporters

Reporters are a strange lot. They run to places that others run from. They delight in pestering people with annoying or even rude questions. They puff up stories and report […]

Cafferty strikes again

Jack Cafferty lost his senses today and read another of my comments on the air. He was ranting (don’t we all?) about our ridiculous income tax system  and asked what […]

Adios, Rick Sanchez

Well, Rick Sanchez has made a fool of himself for the last time on CNN. He was fired today, seemingly because of a radio interview last night where he made […]