Thoughts on Irene

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  1. Pied, you remind me of something that’s new regarding being in a hurricane… Since I’ve lived most of my life near the Gulf Coast, I’ve been through many hurricanes, the most recent was Ike. The something new that’s happened is that television has gone entirely to digital signals. I’ve done just about everything reasonable to survive during a hurricane, such as installing a generator that powers the whole house, but I’m referring to televisions in particular here. When the broadcasts went to digital, I raised my antenna to about 40 feet so that I could get local stations without cable. Back when we had analog signals, even during the worst of weather, we could get a snowy picture and decent sound, but now that the signals are digital… in bad weather… you get a blue screen and no sound. It goes without saying that your cable TV service is completely gone. Thanks (again) to the government, now you absolutely have to have a radio and a good antenna. If they ever force us to go to digital radio, we’ll be completely on our own during inclement weather.

    1. The government really does need to consider what people will use for communications in such an emergency. They never do anything until a disaster shows up the communications failures, and then after a period of moaning, they continue to do nothing. Would those little emergency radios with batteries and hand cranks work? I don’t know much about radio signals. And the only one I have now is the one in the car. They’ve talked about cell phone towers being vulnerable in big storms, so we can’t count on that.

      … ah, at least Fox News is scrolling world news …

      1. The answer is yes, but an ordinary battery operated portable will work just as well as long as you have a good supply of batteries in the freezer. Keeping them in the freezer merely extends their shelf life. I’ve installed a connector from my TV antenna to my radio, but if it gets blown down, I’ll be out of luck again. On another note, this dry, hot weather has killed about 7 big oak trees around my house and I’m going to have to get them removed before the next hurricane. Like Rosanne Rosanna Danna says, “It’s always something.”

      2. Well, the hand-crank radios get around the battery problem. I should probably have one on hand.

        I’m so sorry to hear about your oaks. Magnificent trees, shade for the house, great boost to your property value. Losing 7 at once is a real tragedy.

  2. Yeah, this is pretty spot-on. This was indeed a major event and should have been covered by CNN, but not to the extent that it was. There’s several billion people this did not effect, and a lot of news that went uncovered this weekend.

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