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Category: hurricane

If Irma hit Colorado

So just how big is Hurricane Irma? I found a story on the Washington Post with an interactive map that lets you superimpose Irma (as she was on Wednesday) on […]

Attention riveted on Houston area

Hurricane Harvey has rightfully dominated the news for several days, and while I’ve seen plenty of hurricane coverage in my life, this is the first time I’ve had friends in […]

Best photograph of the NY power outage

  Of all the pictures we’ve seen of lower Manhattan’s power outage, this has to be the best. Not a dark skyline silhouetted against a still-glowing uptown or a dark […]

Google crisis map keys on Sandy

Just when I’d decided Google does everything worth doing, I’ve found they also do crisis maps. Being both a map nut and a weather watcher, I found this particularly intriguing. […]

Sandy approaching NYC

Want to see Hurricane Sandy approaching New York harbor? Or more accurately at the moment, hear her? Check out the live streaming video of NY harbor from the Statue of […]