Sandy approaching NYC

Want to see Hurricane Sandy approaching New York harbor? Or more accurately at the moment, hear her? Check out the live streaming video of NY harbor from the Statue of Liberty. You can see the white caps at the bottom… Read More ›

‘Hunkering down’ for hurricanes

I have restrained myself for approximately four years, so I’m giving myself permission to rant again about a particular pet peeve of mine. Back in 2008 I wrote: When reporters cover hurricanes, they talk a lot about the populace “hunkering down.”… Read More ›

Thoughts on Irene

I’ve had the TV on all day, tuned to CNN, watching the news and worrying about everyone on the East Coast. Specifically, I worry about those few individuals I know there. I keep reminding myself that these folks will undoubtedly… Read More ›

Nothing funny about Irene

Not to minimize the danger and disruption that Hurricane Irene is about to spread up the East Coast, but I’ve gotten a bit fixated on one recurring detail in the reporting. Every time a meteorologist stands in front of a… Read More ›

Wilma’s ‘victims’?

At the risk of seeming callous, or worse, I have to wonder if Hurricane Wilma’s “victims” in Florida aren’t in large part responsible for their current plight. Those people had several days’ warning that Wilma was coming. Why on earth… Read More ›