Hurricane Sandy claims tall ship Bounty

11 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy claims tall ship Bounty”

    1. One report said the ship had been refitted in Conn. and was returning to its home port in Florida. They were hoping to go around the storm. Obviously very bad judgment on someone’s part.

  1. Actually the safest place for a boat (with a large enough and well trained/seasoned crew) is in the ocean during a storm – but they should have started out much much earlier and hugged the coast and probably could have crept past the storm while it was mostly out at sea. …sailing directly into a hurricane isn’t wise.
    (Much worse to stay in port up against land when a hurricane is coming at you…might as well just sink it in the slip and hope to raise it later after the storm – with a smaller boat you need to know where the hurricane “holes” are and move quickly where boaters go to weather a storm on the water – but a ship this size probably didn’t have that option)
    At least they had those heavy orange survival suits.
    Great loss. It was supposed to go to Florida then sail to Galveston for the winter – Our tall ship Elissa is in dry dock so there was a perfect slip waiting for Bounty

    1. Mixed blessing, I guess, living so close to the sea. You get pounded with hurricanes occasionally, but in exchange you have beaches and tall ships and other beautiful things. I’m sorry Bounty won’t be among them.

      1. Understood. Don’t like sand and salt water that get into everything, go home with you, and have to be washed off. Not to mention the insane humidity. A boat offshore … yes, that’s the way to do it.

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