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Category: History

President Ulysses S. Grant was prescient

No doubt there are numerous great quotations from throughout history that I’ve not seen before, but I continue to be surprised by the prescience of Americans almost 150 years ago. […]

Twenty-five years ago

Twenty-five years ago Timothy McVeigh’s bomb ripped the front off the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 innocent men, women, and children. Oklahoma City was and always will […]

The prescience of George Washington

As the public impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump begins, I feel a need to reprint (for the third time) this post from Feb. 20, 2011: “They [political parties] serve to […]

Nixon insists "I am not a crook"

A word of caution to Washington Republicans

As the impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s activities is about to go public, here’s a reminder to those Republicans still defending him: Nixon wasn’t actually impeached, but his defenders paid […]

To Kaepernick & Company

(Apologies to my readers, who by now must think this is all I can write about. But I couldn’t resist this.)