Reporter gives update covered in ‘sea foam’

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and certainly the funniest to come out of the Hurricane Irene coverage. The reporter is getting covered in blowing sea foam, which most of us know by now was full of raw sewage. Hence the foam.

In my book, this goes far beyond reporters bracing against gale-force winds, or tying themselves to windy balcony railings, or wading chest deep in polluted flood waters — with waders, of course. It even beats Geraldo Rivera getting knocked off a sea wall by a wave. This poor reporter, Tucker Barnes, probably will never, ever live this down. Assuming he survives the massive bacterial infection he’s likely to develop in the near future.

Oh, yes, there was a print story accompanying the video, but it’s not nearly as funny as the video.

4 thoughts on “Reporter gives update covered in ‘sea foam’

  1. I didn’t know foam meant sewage. ?? I have seen ocean foam that’s natural, of course, but nothing like what’s in the video. Could it be that someone’s closet containing a year’s supply of cleaning detergent was breached? Aargh.

    1. My dad warned me decades ago that foam or suds in a creek (“crick”) meant it was polluted. I don’t know squat about oceans, but I I think I’d have enough sense to stay out of stuff that looks like whipped swamp scum. Eeew.

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