Tulane professor rips Perry and his sonogram law

4 thoughts on “Tulane professor rips Perry and his sonogram law”

  1. Two things:

    One: I watch MSNBC and RACHEL MADDOW BECAUSE they are so blatantly biased. I watch FOX for the exact same reason. The belief that news organizations are unbiased is pure poo poo. An idealistic dream. They are all biased, but the most flagrant is where you find the real dirt on whoever it is that they currently despise.

    Two: The more you learn about Perry (my state governor), the more you’ll learn what’s there to dislike. They haven’t yet penetrated the surface.

  2. Oh, I do watch with full awareness of the bias, which means I have to watch both sides. But I can only tolerate the self-righteous bias and vitriol in small doses. CNN tries to appear more neutral, but how seriously can you take a channel that solicits viewer votes to decide which story to air?

  3. For government to demand the sonogram does seem to me to be an unnecessary intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship, especially since the Texas law is clearly motivated by religion. I agree with the federal judge.

    I also find ImA’s teaser of interest. I await revelations with considerable anticipation.

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