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Category: war on women

GOP hard at work on women’s vote

If you’re a Democrat, or lean left, or happen to be pro-choice, you’ve got to love the Republicans’ recent efforts to shoot themselves in their collective foot. Again. And again. […]

Conflagration Scotus

  This post originated on Brain Spank as “Conflagration Scotus” by Michael Douglass. It expresses my outrage at the Supreme Court better than I’ve managed to do so far. Interestingly, both Douglass and […]

SCOTUS promotes religion over women — again

The Supreme Court hasn’t wasted any time adding fuel to the religion vs. women’s rights conflagration it ignited with its Hobby Lobby decision on Monday. Late Thursday, just before recessing their current […]

Hobby Lobby decision extends dangerous precedent

The Supreme Court’s decision this morning saying Hobby Lobby does not have to provide contraceptive coverage to its employees because doing so violates the owners’ religious beliefs came as no surprise. After its Citizens […]