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  1. Susan, I’ve been following you for many years (don’t really know how many) now but for whatever reason I missed this one. It’s a good one. Goldwater would be both appalled and maybe a little smug at how his prediction came true. Fundamentalist faith derives from the root notion that the bible, mainly the King James version, is the inerrant word of God. Barry was right, if you’re talking to the “faithful”, you might as well save your breath. When I became a Presbyterian for a few years, my membership required that I accept the premise. Never mind that history abounds with evidence [youtube about the bible’s contradictions, the problem of natural suffering, and the fact that it was cobbled together by committees decades after Jesus’s death.

    1. My parents had me going to a Presbyterian church up until I left for college. But the church lost the fight as soon as I’d taken several science classes. I don’t mind fundamentalists or any other religious people as long as they keep their religion in their hearts, homes, and places of worship. When it enters the general populace or my life — or worse, government — then it’s out of bounds and I will resist. Politely if possible. If not, then as rudely and intrusively as they try to make it.

    2. I’ve watched about 20 minutes of this video so far. My overriding thought is that the people who really need to hear this and give it serious thought and consideration, won’t. But it might reach a few where the likes of Hitchens and Harris would not. However, not holding my breath.

  2. Barry Goldwater – The most recent Classical Liberal, or Libertarian. Maybe the last Republican I voted for… by the same token, I can’t remember the last Democrat I voted for.  Yeah, I’m really that old.

    1. I might have you beat age wise. I can remember voting for Eisenhower. I also recall voting for Anderson and Perot. Maybe someday I’ll get this thing figured out and find the perfect president. LOL

      1. Jim, I’m guessing we can call “Voting for the winner” a tie since it appears that you don’t either.

        Coming from Texas and knowing a little of LBJ’s history, Goldwater might have been able to do what Trump couldn’t – count the votes collected from cemetery plots.

        e.g. Jiim Wells County

      2. I hadn’t heard about box 13 either, but it fits Johnson’s reputation. George Washington seems to have been a fairly modest man with no real thirst for power. With Abe being a possible exception, it went down from there.

    2. Goldwater got my first presidential vote. And I remained Republican until, oh, about the time the right started sticking their nose in my most personal business and presidents started referencing their “higher power” for justification and guidance. I wrote about it sometime in the past.

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