Zealots persist: From ‘religious freedom’ to Kansas abortion law

5 thoughts on “Zealots persist: From ‘religious freedom’ to Kansas abortion law”

    1. My first-ever presidential vote was for Goldwater. I often wonder how I could have become so much more liberal since then, but I really haven’t changed that much. I didn’t leave the Republicans; they left me.

  1. As an old geezer, I remember how the Jim Crow laws of the 50’s were implemented. Merchants who would have served blacks equally with whites, were punished because they didn’t agree with the current “separate but equal” laws. These tolerant individuals were hidden from public view because they could not openly practice their racially inclusive business desires without fear of prosecution.

    The new “Religious Freedom” laws do exactly the same thing, but in a mirror image of Jim Crow. The new laws hide from public view those who would discriminate. I’d prefer that the government let bigoted people shoot themselves in the foot instead of keeping them hidden. I believe (hope) that a majority of customers would boycott businesses that were intolerant of other people’s beliefs. I know I would. But… I can’t if the government keeps them hidden. Real freedom doesn’t come with loopholes.

    1. I agree; I’d like to think the free market and boycotts by good citizens would be enough to put bigots out of business. But then, I’ve always been too idealistic.

  2. Fifty three Million…53,000,000. Let that number sink in. Since that historic Supreme Court ruling in the case of Roe vs Wade more than fifty three million babies have been aborted right here in America.How many of those were “medically necessary”and how many of those were because the responsible respective parent “chose” to abort the BABY because it was convenient, Common sense says a woman has a legal and medical right concerning her own body and that is a fact. The D&E procedure and others like it (unless medically necessary) sound extremely cruel and wicked.The man and the women must be held accountable together for starting a life for neither can do it alone. That would be the right moral decision. To be politically correct is what lawyers are for.

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