Dominionism, anyone?

14 thoughts on “Dominionism, anyone?”

  1. Astute notice by you and post
    Oh, a “new”/discovered word – guess we’ll be hearing it a lot.
    Rick Perry is the same goofus he was a in college and Gov. office. He does love that camera. Used to be said ‘Just like Bush, but not as smart”. He is part of that cabal that seems determined to push us into another war.
    I am equally concerned about Big Business(including the NBA) and Big Pharma (who has more board members and advocates in gov than you can shake a stick at – especially Pfizer) making government policy and International policies. No to mention that comment by Nat. Economic Director Deese: ““This is about the future of the liberal world order, and we have to stand firm.”. Then there’s the unelected bureaucrats…the more authority returned to the states which can be in closer control of voters, the better right now.
    Whackadoodles to the left and whatadoodles to the right of us. Stuck in the middle with you
    Yeah, I’m terrified.

    1. Yep, we’re surrounded. I don’t know when or how the middle ground became so unpopular. What ever happened to manners, cooperation, dignity, concern for others, and all those other old-fashioned values? I guess the separation of church and state is not a problem for the right if the church takes over the state.

  2. A disturbing concept that I hadn’t heard of before, though there have always been those who think that way (when I lived in Kansas there was always a Theocratic Party candidate on the ballot). But recent developments have certainly suggested that the first amendment is under attack in insidious ways.

    1. Even when Colorado had 16 presidential candidates on the ballot, none hinted at being theocrats. But who knows, that may change next time around. What won’t change is that damnable Supreme Court. Our system of government is being destroyed by extremeists, and no one seems to care.

    1. All my life I’ve heard people cherry-pick Bible passages to explain or justify their actions, but this is way beyond that. And yet it tracks with that Bible quote above. It certainly looks like the Supreme Court is in it up to their eyeballs. And that’s extremely disturbing. How do you stop the Supreme Court?? It’s the end of the line for appeals.

  3. It’s always more than merely pleasing to read material from thinking Americans – sorry if that sounds patronising .. but it’s the thoughtless ones whose ideas the rest of us mostly get.

    1. Hi, M-R. Good to see you again. Yes, some of us are still thinking, or trying to, until it gets too painful and depressing. Then we have to take a break. I guess that explains why I jump around from serious to frivolous and back again.

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