Best photograph of the NY power outage


Of all the pictures we’ve seen of lower Manhattan’s power outage, this has to be the best. Not a dark skyline silhouetted against a still-glowing uptown or a dark patch in a sea of light, but a stark half-and-half depiction of the city’s haves and have nots, emphasized by the road and its center line in the foreground. Wonderful composition.

7 thoughts on “Best photograph of the NY power outage

  1. That’s a pretty cool shot. Is it just me, or does anyone else have the desire to photoshop a giant alien spacecraft hovering over the dark half and sucking people up like a vacuum on beams of light? I think there’s got to be an album cover for this one.

    I miss album covers.

    1. You mean this entire disaster wasn’t the work of a giant alien spaceship hovering just above the storm, directing its progress? Wind, water, fire, snow, cold, high tide, etc., all in the same area at the same time. You don’t think Mother Nature dreamed that up all on her own, do you?

      Yeah, I miss album covers too. Real albums. LPs. 33s and even 78s.

    1. I almost put in a note suggesting people do that, but I click on photos so habitually just … I guess I sort of figured everyone does it if the pic is clickable.

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