Just discovered: Tim Flach’s photography website

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I didn’t recognize the name Tim Flach, but I certainly recognized some of the images when I began looking through his photographs. You will, too.

If you love dogs (and I’m not entirely sure I trust you if you don’t), and better, you love great photography, check out Flach’s website. Even the home page is a work of art. Once inside, check out “Dog Gods,” his gallery of dog photos. For horse lovers, there’s “Equus.” And for lovers of all animals, don’t miss “More Than Human.”

From Wikipedia:

Flach’s often abstract photographic style has been described as “the perfect antithesis to anthropomorphism”. “Flach employs the artistic technique of defamiliarization in many of his studio portraits, creating deliberately ambiguous close-ups, which present the subject at unusual angles in order to provoke questions from the viewer.” “He may depict a horse against a monumental landscape, or create a close-up image of part of the animal so that it challenges our perspective and forces us to reconsider and question for ourselves why we react in a specific way to what we are seeing.”

Click on each photo to enjoy a larger size on a dark background.

4 thoughts on “Just discovered: Tim Flach’s photography website

  1. I love his photography but strongly dislike the site. I visited Dogs Gods, Equus and More Than Human but clicked out in annoyance as I could not control the display. Gorgeous images in a timed display – arrghhh!

    1. Yes, I had a bit of a problem with that too (had to resort to screenshots to grab these examples). He should incorporate a way to pause as long as we want to study a particular image. The only “control” I found was being able to jump from one image to another in the sliding row of thumbnails that pops up from the bottom. Still, it didn’t make the photos any less magnificent.

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