If Irma hit Colorado

12 thoughts on “If Irma hit Colorado”

  1. Yeesh … and putting it over Arkansas covers three whole states, most of four others, and healthy chunks of at least two more … we tend to get rain from the Gulf storms, but that map makes me even happier I don’t live on the coast, especially since the Arkansas River’s only about a mile away. I hope those who can’t get out can find somewhere safe.

    1. Given the population of southern Florida, I’m very worried that many, many people won’t get out or be able to get out. And CNN just said Irma is back up to Cat 5. I’ve never had any desire to live on any coast and I hated Florida the two times I was there. I’m quite happy right where I am.

  2. I have family in the Tampa area. One had to assist with the evacuation of the senior housing facility where she works so didn’t get to evacuate and is hunkered down on high ground. This storm is scary.

    1. I’ve been tracking it too. Can’t get over the size of this thing. I hope everyone that was out crawling north on that highway, and everyone else, got to someplace safe.

  3. We were watching this one closely until it was firmly on track over land. IT was moving slowly west for far too long – and it wouldn’t have been unheard of…
    We have a picture of Irma on Saturday that looked like a giant pig’s head…the Razorbacks were playing …

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