Attention riveted on Houston area

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  1. I hadn’t seen this before just now, and dad had earlier (he’s had the coverage on all day). I thought at first it was photoshopped and faked, as if they were trying to show what a certain amount of water in a place would look like. Then I read the context. Holy crap! Glad they got out of there–that’s despicable.

    1. Apparently a lot of people thought it was photoshopped. I was really horrified when I first saw it. Was so relieved to read they’d been rescued around noon. I can understand if the place had never flooded before. A lot of Dickinson residents were taken by surprise, waking up to water in their homes when they’d never been flooded before. I was so glad to hear you’re still high and dry, but that water sure looks close. Stay alert.

  2. We live about 40 miles SW of Houston and are luckily still above the flood. The last time we had a record flood, the Brazos River came out of it’s banks 5 miles which approached our place to within a couple of hundred meters.

    This map shows what happened last time and what is expected this time.

    We’re probably going to stay dry.

    1. Whew, thanks for checking in! I couldn’t remember where in the area you live. That’s a lot of river to have at your front door. I know you will have prepared as well as anyone could. Stay safe, and keep your feet dry. Crossing my fingers.

  3. Phil the philosophical mouse has been keeping me updated, seems he’s right there, not 40 miles away. He sent me links for direct tv broadcasts but they’re not getting through.

    His dog’s not too happy,damn hurricane/cyclone upsetting his regular potty breaks.

    1. He’s a she, actually. I’ve been watching her blog to keep up with what’s happening there. As long as she’s writing, I know she’s okay and has power. If she stops writing and responding to my comments, I’ll start worrying. Well, no, I’m already worrying. I’ll stop when the flooding stops.

  4. I saw the picture briefly on CNN, although it was difficult to see the level of the water. Now that I have a closer look, I am horrified. I’m so relieved they were rescued, but what a comment on the resiliency of people—especially older ones!

    1. I shudder to think what kind of filth could be in that water. I hope none of them succumb to any aftereffects from this. I’d have died on the spot from pure terror.

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