Rescued Texas nursing home residents safe, dry, warm today

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    1. No, no. Philosophermouseofthehedge is a woman. Phil is just short for her very long screen name. And so far, yes, it sounds like she’s okay and in good spirits. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone down there as things seem to keep getting worse. Harvey will surely rank as one of the worst natural disasters ever to hit the US.

  1. This is great news. I was thinking about these folks yesterday – no food, no meds, no clothing or other belongings… and up to their armpits in the Gulf of Mexico! I hope the kitty in the first photo made it out.

    I was also thinking about yesterday’s photo this morning when I saw another image of an airport underwater – the planes lurking in the floodwaters like so many sharks. It was tagged as Dallas airport. I believed it – and of course, I fell for it.

    1. I saw a lot of people asking about the kitty, but no confirmation that it was rescued. So many pets were being rescued that surely this one would be too.

      I read that both the Houston airports are closed, but don’t know about their actual condition. Dallas, of course, would be okay. I worry about how supplies are going to get into Houston. Food and water to all those stranded people, supplies to the grocery stores, etc.

  2. My neighbor spent a couple of days across town helping his mother-in-law and her assisted living center get cleaned out and up to speed. Using wheel chairs to haul trash to the dumpster. He’s in his 70’s himself and has health issues, but if you want something done….
    Maybe our city council will stop giving permits to build nursing homes/assisted living centers/ retirement communities here in low lying areas. Just stupid to put the vulnerable at risk. Obviously the evacuation plans didn’t work.

    1. This particular home had evacuation plans in place and was ready to act on them; then the authorities told them to shelter in place because their location had never flooded before. Well, now they know. New maps of flood plains must be drawn and vulnerable structures of any kind must not be built there. So many lessons learned (and so many that will continue to be ignored in the name of profit).

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