Bahamas after Dorian

Even with photos, it’s difficult to imagine the devastation in the Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian, hard to grasp the effects of a Category 5 hurricane parking itself over sea-level islands for 24 hours or more. The photo above is typical of many I’ve seen from the Bahamas; I’ve seen better-looking landfills.

And as if landfill status weren’t enough, much of Grand Bahama Island is now under water. This satellite image shows the before and after:

Reports today say the Freeport airport, base for much air traffic to and from the islands, has been completely destroyed. Until it can be opened, relief efforts will be limited.

And about those relief efforts. We saw the relief efforts (or lack thereof) in Puerto Rico two years ago — and that was in an American territory, home of US citizens. My own theory for Trump’s pathetic response there is that he thinks Puerto Rico is another country populated by Hispanics, part of the “invading forces” along our southern border. That doesn’t bode well for his response in the Bahamas, a predominantly black independent nation.

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  1. Actually Puerto Rico got $92 BILLION in aid from America. About 10 times more than any State in America has ever gotten for a disaster. But the PR go t is so corrupt that little ofbthe $92 BILLION was spent on repairing the island. However a lot was spent on the Mayors new mansion.

    1. I was caught up by the apparent lack of anything being done. There are still so many homes there with blue tarps for roofs. And then there’s that indelible image of Trump throwing rolls of paper towels into the crowd …

      1. Sure seems like there’s a distinct disturbance in the force. Hard telling what other surprises Momma Nature might have in store for us.

      2. She’s been giving us all kinds of warnings. But the people in charge are ignoring her. I was hoping she’d slap Mar-a-Lago to get more attention.

      3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mar-a-Lago gets yet another fat check for supposed damage from the hurricane regardless. 🙁

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