Is ‘lunatic’ too strong a word?

18 thoughts on “Is ‘lunatic’ too strong a word?”

    1. I’m sure that’s because he’s infallible and always right. Obviously we peons just weren’t raised properly.

      Meanwhile, I’m afraid I may have insulted idiots and lunatics, and for that I apologize.

      BTW, welcome to Pied Type.

  1. absurdity, apathy, idiocy, ignorance, lunacy, nonsense, silliness, asininity, fatuity, fatuousness, imbecility, imprudence, incapacity, ineptitude, injudiciousness, insensibility, obtuseness, puerility, shallowness, simplicity, slowness, sluggishness, stolidity, stupefaction, stupor, weakness, battiness, brainlessness, doltishness, feeble-mindedness, nitwittedness, stupidness, thick-headedness, weak-mindedness

      1. It might be working. So many people talk about turning off the news because they’re sick of hearing about him. If everyone does that, no one will see what he’s up to.

      2. The problem is we’re sick of the whining and outrage on both sides…that’s dangerous.
        (Oh, we keep up with hurricane paths from earliest stages…there was a very early one that did have a “green’ colored prediction up into Alabama and across – as well as one heading directly across Florida and then looping in the gulf towards NOLA only the turn completely around (and join with another small low in the gulf) and go back over Florida again. Never think you know exactly what they are doing. Always an adventure. Best to keep an eye on the CURRENT up to the minute radar/predictions to be safe and not foolish.)
        Foolish is so popular these days. Sad. (Along with high school bullying on line and in public by adults holding their breath until they turn blue…supposed adults, anyway…those last 2 words are the scary part?)
        They all want us to be silent and no look.
        Serfhood and new dark age await no matter which

      3. I saw that very early map, the “spaghetti” map. If Trump was referring originally to that map, that’s the one he should have shown. The altered one was beyond ridiculous.

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